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Feb 7


I’m really sorry that I haven’t posted any confessions in months. my laptop blew up and I lost photoshop, I’m still trying to get it back.

I’m currently in a competition to win some free studio time in my local area. I figured I would rudely ask you all to do me the biggest favour ever and watch this 59 second clip. each play counts as a vote for me, and I’m close to being in the lead so it would REALLY help me! 

I know it’s rude to ask considering how inactive this blog has been and I’m sorry for that, but I do intend to start posting again as soon as I have photoshop.

if anyone is into graphic design and wants to co-admin to help me out, please send me a message and we’ll chat!


Aug 24

Aug 23


So I only have one useable confession in the ask right now, and im back with oodles of free time SO

please confess away!!!

Aug 13

Aug 3

some radio silence.

I’m in the middle of moving house and our internet has been cut off, so the blog will be down for a few days. there’s one confession left in the queue. keep posting in confessions and I’ll get to them when I’m sorted :)

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